Wouldn't it be great if you could use MailChimp to grow your list AND your business?

Using MailChimp can be easy and straight-forward. And it can help you make more sales on auto-pilot! Let me show you...

Are you tired of sitting in front of your computer wondering how to make your idea a reality in MailChimp?

Are you confused when it comes to automation, workflows, follow up, groups and segmentation?

Do you find yourself wasting hours in online forums and groups, trying to find answers to what seemed to be a simple question?

MailChimp Success Formula will show you how to set up your email marketing to achieve online business success, through effective lead generation, ecourse and product delivery, and automated follow up.

I know it can be daunting mastering a new online technology, feeling stuck and overwhelmed - but you don't have to be!

My name is Tamara Baranova, I'm a digital marketing strategist who loves helping entrepreneurs and online business owners make sense of technology in order to grow their businesses. And I've got a solution for you.

Introducing... MailChimp Success Formula

Jackie Baron

I'm new to MailChimp, but now I'm on the right track!

I have learnt a lot in this program as I had never used MailChimp before. For me in every element there was something new to implement. I am still at the beginning stages but feel I am on the right track. The videos were very informative and I set those up on one computer and then worked on each element on another computer. This made it easier to move through and refer to. I am a visual/kinsthetic learner so this program was valuable to me. I would definitely recommend this training to others!

Jackie Baron, Jackie Baron - The Menopause Maven
  • Fun, super-focused, live group training program

    Get your MailChimp Qs answered! As it’s a live program you will get a lot of support and help from Tamara in the private Facebook group, as well as during the live Q&A calls.

  • Builds your knowledge from the ground up

    Suitable for all levels! Regardless of where you are in your journey with using MailChimp, you will be able to follow the program. We will start right from the basics, but in each module you can jump straight into the level you are at right now.

  • Designed for MailChimp users who aren't tech-savvy

    Easy to follow jargon-free training! You don’t need to be tech-savvy, a designer, a coder or an email marketing expert to benefit from the course. I’ve designed the program to be accessible and valuable for all online business owners!

  • Everything you need to know about MailChimp to create a successful online business

    No stone left unturned, or a question – unanswered! Over the 4 Modules we will cover everything you will need to know to successfully use MailChimp for your business. And you can ask any additional questions during the Q&A calls or in the Facebook group.


As part of your training, you will also get access to the Virtual Marketing Academy for 3 months (normally £49/month).


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Janice Tucker

I implemented automated emails in MailChimp to enable my membership site to run!

The whole registration process was very easy. The membership site itself is also easy to use and navigate. There is so much material that I haven't even looked at all of it yet, but upon even first look the user knows they are getting great value as there are so many resources available.

I've now learned how to design my own templates so e-mails look branded and professional. I've learned how to organise and manage my lists. And most importantly I've learned and implemented automated e-mails to enable my new membership site to function! My favourite part of the program was Automation (Module 3) as actually it's so easy now that I know how to do it and it saves me loads of time!

The program covered everything I needed to learn - there is just nothing that can be added. I would definitely recommend MSF to other online business owners!

Janice Tucker, Space to Relax
Karen Wright

I had no idea that MailChimp could do so many things.

I thought it was just a simple program to only send out emails.  I have created multiple lists and collected names. I sent a couple of basic campaigns and am looking into setting up some automation series and creating a newsletter. Learning all the features in the detail was my favorite part. Without this classes I would never have know how to utilize Mailchimp and would have ignored it as a solution for my emails. Right now for my business this will give me what I need and more.

Karen Wright, Health Wright

What's inside the MailChimp Success Formula?

  • Week 1: Account setup for future success, list management, landing pages, 3rd party tools

    • Overview of all Account options and what you need to set up right from the beginning.
    • How to create lists and what options you need to pay attention to.
    • Groups, searches, segments – ways to categorise your subscribers to build clever follow up campaigns.
    • How to customise forms, MailChimp landing pages and default email messages.
    • How to integrate MailChimp with social media, PayPal, shopping carts and other 3rd party systems.


  • Week 2: campaign types, template design, subscription forms integration

    • Different campaign types you can send and when to use what.
    • How to customise one of MailChimp’s templates with your own branding.
    • How to easily build a completely custom template – without any coding skills!
    • How to design subscription forms that convert more leads, and integrate them into your website.


  • Week 3: message automation, workflows, follow ups

    • The simplest follow up set up process – deliver the free optin gift once subscribers joined your list.
    • Beyond the basics – how to create a lead generation sequence to turn cold, new leads into ready-to-buy prospects.
    • Product delivery – how to automatically send digital products, ebooks, ecourses and audio/video recordings to your customers.
    • Ecourse delivery – how to send a series of emails in an ecourse over a period of time.
    • Advanced features – action and date triggered campaigns, when your subscribers click links, download files or reach a milestone.


  • Week 4: putting it all together - case studies and samples

    • What else you need to know about MailChimp: split-testing campaigns to find winning copy, reporting of results, merge tags to personalise messages and more!
    • Social Pro – leveraging the power of social media within MailChimp.
    • Step-by-step guides on building most-used campaigns for your business.


Facebook Group gives you the support you need:


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Mélanie Sylla

I can get clients on the right list now when they purchase a product!

I learned a lot with this training! There are many features in MailChimp I had no ideas existed. I am implementing the segmenting process, and I have implemented the PayPal trick to get clients on the right list when they purchase a product/service. I know I will get back to your course to assimilate more, as the content is very rich!

Mélanie Sylla, Manukya
Elizabeth Harper

This is so much broader than simply a MailChimp "how to" course!

Your course has totally opened my eyes to what is possible in Mailchimp. I send weekly Love Letters to my community and check the stats, but I love the idea of going deeper into who my community is and see this is invaluable in how I market to them.

All information is very thorough, you’ve really thought out the whole learning curve. I love the videos, I am a seeing person, I rarely get on phone calls, I prefer to see what is going on. I feel you cornered all the senses with the reference materials, videos, live calls, Facebook Group and bonuses.

I think my favorite videos are about the autoresponder sequence. It was really valuable to learn about the funnel, I know about it but didn’t really process it intuitively. My intention is to set up online courses so I feel what and how you explained is invaluable.

It felt like this was an extra piece, like a separate course in marketing and not just related to Mailchimp, so it feels like what you are offering is so much broader than simply a Mailchimp "how to" course. The automation could simply have been explained with a newsletter subscription, but you took it a step further and I loved that.

Elizabeth Harper, Sealed With Love

Inside each module you will find:

  • Bite-size videos with step-by-step instructions (10-20min each)
  • Clear navigation to find the information you need quickly
  • Cheatsheets to download for each module
  • Mini-assignments to keep you accountable (if you choose to use them)
  • Progress tracker to tick off important steps as you go through the process
  • Additional resources - useful articles, ebooks, videos to supplement your learning
Patricia Smith

I'm no longer lost wondering and have saved myself months of research time!

I loved all of it!! I have learned so many things from the MailChimp course that have been taking me literally months to understand from the MailChimp tutorials. Tamara's suggestions for plugins and apps are so appreciated; otherwise I get lost in a sea of wondering what would work best for my business model.

So far I have added a signup page to my FB business page, I'm working on adding a signup page to my website/blog and I am sending RSS feed newsletters every time I publish a blog post! So Happy 🙂

Modules 1, 2 & 3 took me through so many processes I did not understand before and allowed me to get some automated emails going out; Module 4 & the Bonus Module addressed more complex information and made it clear.

I feel like you covered everything I needed to know to get started signing prospects up to subscribe to my newsletter, and tailoring my emails and newsletters to various audience demographics. Very good, complete program!

Patricia Smith, Patti Smith Wellness

You will get:

  • Lifetime Access

    You will get lifetime access to the ecourse modules including any future updates, additional resources and content. You will be able to come back to it again and again every time you need something created in MailChimp.

  • Bite-size Actionable Videos

    Say NO to overwhelming LOOONG videos that make you forget the beginning by the time you get to the end. YES to bite-size actionable trainings where you learn one step at a time, so that you can go and implement right away.

  • Momentum for Growth

    If you find yourself procrastinating and delaying launching your fabulous ideas into the world because you are worries about the tech side of things – this program will give you the momentum to leverage your knowledge and experience.

  • Mobile-Friendly Content

    The whole membership area is mobile-friendly, including the videos. So you will be able to watch and learn on the go, using your mobile phone.

  • Premium Resources

    I’ve included additional resources, guides and videos to enhance your learning journey. These include Virtual Marketing Academy training on how to create and design winning freebies to grow your list quicker!

  • Direct Access to Tamara

    For the duration of the course you will have plenty of access to me to get support, pick my brains or get feedback on your sales funnels. You can ask as many questions as you like in our private Facebook group.

  • Facebook Support Group

    You will be able to join a private support group on Facebook to ask any questions, get help and share your experiences with other participants.

  • Live Video Q&A Calls

    It’s a LIVE course, not just some videos recorded months ago using the old MailChimp interface. Every month there will be a live 1h video Q&A call with a recording, that you will have access to as well.


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Courtney  Fulton

It's helpful to have everything in one place where you can go back and view it again, instead of googling all the time!

I really like the memberhip area. The layout of the videos and handouts was very organized and made things easy to find. I saved all of the handouts to print out for use.  I had been so confused with how Paypal is set up with lists and how to figure out a way to make it work with multiple programs/lists. It is so beneficial to learn that there are other options like Zapier. I will be implementing this for my summer detox program. Combining a few lists has been something I've been wanting to do for a while.

I liked that there are assignments and progress checklists. This is something I need to keep me on track and organized. If I don't have lists, I am all over the place! I also like that there were worksheets to help with newsletter and branding ideas. I have been working on my branding and this was very helpful. I am a visual learner so all the videos were very helpful and I love that I can go back and view them again if I forget how to do something.

I think it was a very well put together program. I have been getting bits and pieces of MailChimp training from other coaches and webinars. Your program has helped me with a lot of unanswered questions. It can be hard to google a question all the time. MailChimp has some great tutorials, but having a program like this is so helpful to have everything in one spot and in an organized manner.

Courtney Fulton, Whole Wellness For Life
Andrea Johnson

This is better than anything MailChimp's put out, I'll never be frustrated with it again!

I learned lots from each video. There were areas in settings that I didn't know existed. I've been through each area that applies to me and made sure it was set up correctly. Like linking to Twitter, adding my websites email and changing my address. I'm hoping to use apps and other features in the future. I learned how to create better templates, how and why to segment, automation (which had been very scary for me.)

I haven't memorized everything I need to know, but now I know what's available and how to find the steps to implement. I have your program to show me the answers. You've made it super easy to join the Facebook group, Q&A calls, get support and access the material... just read the title and click.

Using automation was my favourite part of the program. I wasn't sending follow up emails to new subscribers, but I'm working on them now! I can't wait to get them up. Because of your training, I'm also working on a 3 day detox for my optin. I can follow your instructions and set it up correctly. In fact, I'm confident I can change my opt-in anytime now. I love the videos and the assignments.

Your training is better than anything MailChimp has put out. It is so easy to follow step by step and you show us where we need to be what to click on etc. Anyone who has or wants a newsletter using MailChimp needs to take this course. The answers were all provided and I can refer back to them in the future. I will never be extremely frustrated with MailChimp again.

Andrea Johnson, Whole Plate

MailChimp Success Formula is for you, if you:

  • Want to offer an e-course where customers just pay and get everything automatically.
  • Are looking for ways to group your subscribers into separate categories to follow up more effectively based on what products they bought, or what optin offers they signed up for, or what events they attended.
  • Want to run webinars, events, online challenges, workshops - and want to make sure your setup is up for scratch from the beginning.
  • Feel overwhelmed with the idea of learning the behind the scene logistics all by yourself.
  • Sell multiple products online, yet have no way to work out who bought what on your list.
  • Have a paid MailChimp account (or are willing to upgrade in order to use automation features).
Michelle Tullous

There's nothing holding me back now from starting my email list!

I've learned so much in this program, I just set up my account about 2 months prior to this training. I like being able to watch and work along side you. I learned how to set up the forms and customize the auto responses for subscriptions. I don't have a mailing list yet so now I will be able to build one. All the things that had been holding me back from starting my email list and having a sign up are gone now and I can do it!

Michelle Tullous, Whole Body of Wellness

The program is NOT for you, if you:

  • Don't have online products or lead magnets (optin freebies) in place or don't plan to create any.
  • Have a tech-savvy assistant (VA) who manages your MailChimp account so you don't need to do anything yourself... like ever.
  • Don't run or plan on running events, webinars, challenges, workshops in order to promote and grow your business.
  • Have a free MailChimp account and don't want to upgrade to a paid account (you could do the program but a lot of training won't be applicable to you).
  • Love figuring out solutions to technical problems and questions on your own and researching through online forums, regardless of how much time it can take.
Deborah Taber

I'm not a techy girl, yet this program eliminated all of the stress!

I learnt how to finally use MailChimp and get my list up and running. Signed up for MailChimp last year and did nothing with it until I participated in this training! I am so not a techy girl. I get so overwhelmed, yet this program eliminated all of that stress!!

Deborah Taber, Radiant and Vibrant Living
Janice Marto

You do a better job explaining MailChimp, than MailChimp does!

This has been an amazing course for me to learn all the ins and outs on Mailchimp, you have really packed a lot in to a short space of time. Setting up marketing automation/drip mail in MailChimp was something I had a fear of setting up. Now I know I will get it right the first time. My favourite part of the program was the support in the Facebook Group with all the great Q & A's. Your quick responses to questions was invaluable.

Janice Marto, Nourish Whole Self


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About Tamara Baranova, creator of the MailChimp Success Formula program

As a digital marketing strategist I work with entrepreneurs and online business owners who are serious about building a successful online business. My clients have creative ideas, but struggle to implement an effective marketing and business systems strategy to convert those ideas into best-selling products and services.

Or in short: if you have great ideas (vision) for your business, I can make them actually happen.

With over 7 years experience of launching email marketing campaigns for clients that helped them grow their business on auto-pilot, I've created this program to make my expertise and knowledge more widely available and affordable to those who need it the most.

I have a passion for technology (must be due to a degree in Computer Science) and building successful businesses. My superpower is working out the best, most effective and cost-efficient IT/online system to grow your business, and then implementing it live.

I believe the reason why some businesses succeed, while other fail, is down to having an effective marketing system in place. And email marketing is the heart of all marketing channels - so it's very important to build a solid foundation here, possibly even before you invest into a top-design website.

I love the freedom and flexibility that my business brings me: working from wherever I want, ability to spend more time with my lovely children, constant learning opportunities, and financial freedom to do the work I'm passionate about.

Meghan Keane

This program is off the charts comprehensive!

I have learned a ton in this program. The big thing I've implemented is my sign ip forms for two websites. Still have much to cover!! I like that it is off the charts comprehensive. This program is for people who want to rock MailChimp or who use it for their job (as entrepreneurs or even in a job setting as the person in charge of a company's mailing list). Tamara, youve done great work. I feel like you created the bschool for MailChimp.

Meghan Keane, Pas de Deux Project
Julene Andrews

I feel so much more confident now about using MailChimp.

I've not implemented everything yet, but I'm ready to try now! I loved all the knowledge that you shared. And I appreciated the PDFs to supplement the videos and tick off the progress. Would definitely recommend it for other entrepreneurs!

Julene Andrews, Designing Healthy Lifestyles

Frequently Asked Questions

How's the program delivered? +

How's the program delivered?

The program is delivered through bite-size step-by-step video tutorials inside a protected membership area. Once the program starts you will receive details on how to access the membership area and how to join the private Facebook group to get help and support. Each module will have 5-10 videos inside it, plus additional resources, checklists, cheatsheets that you can download (in PDF format). There will also be a live Q&A call each month.

Will be it suitable for my level? I'm a novice / have used MailChimp for a while / not very technical. +

Will be it suitable for my level? I'm a novice / have used MailChimp for a while / not very technical.

I’ve designed the program to be suitable for most levels. If you are new to using MailChimp – we are starting from the basics so you won’t be left behind. If you’ve been using MailChimp for a while you can skip videos that you think are no longer useful for you and jump straight to the more advanced features.

Will I really be able to launch my own email marketing system? +

Will I really be able to launch my own email marketing system?

If you have the content already (freebie offers, sales emails, ecourse emails) then by the end of the program you should have your whole system set up and ready to go live. Otherwise it might take you some additional time to actually create, design and write the content that will go inside MailChimp emails.

How do I know if I am ready to work with you? +

How do I know if I am ready to work with you?

If you are ready to move on from just 1-2-1 coaching or consulting, from constantly hustling and worrying about where your next client will come from, from feast/famine cycles in your business – you are ready to work with me. And this program will be great if you are willing to learn about a successful email marketing system and then implement the learning in your business.

What kind of people will get the best results from this program? +

What kind of people will get the best results from this program?

This program is for positive, passionate entrepreneurs and online business owners with a can-do attitude, willing to learn and implement the learning, and a strong vision on how their business can grow through digital marketing tools and channels.

How is this program different from other programs or webinars? +

How is this program different from other programs or webinars?

Like webinars, this program has a large LIVE element to it so you can ask me questions directly and get feedback on YOUR marketing and your business processes. Unlike any webinar, we go into the real depths of MailChimp and build your knowledge from the ground up, all the way to the advanced level.

Like some programs, you also get video training, resources, guides and cheatsheets to keep. Unlike those programs, you get me to support and guide you live on calls and in the Facebook group.

I don't have products or opt-in offers yet, is that OK? +

I don't have products or opt-in offers yet, is that OK?

Absolutely. As long as you have ideas on what kind products you will be selling or what optin offers you will be providing – you can start building the system in the right way from the very beginning.

I don't have a list yet, is that OK? +

I don't have a list yet, is that OK?

Don’t let your numbers stop you. The size of your list right now doesn’t matter. It’s actually easier for you this way as you can put the system in place to automate future leads, rather than go back and try to edit your existing data.

This sounds great but I am worried I will fall behind / the timing is not quite right... +

This sounds great but I am worried I will fall behind / the timing is not quite right...

You don’t need to worry – with lifetime access you can access the program at any time. If you don't manage to complete the program during the initial 3 months of LIVE Support included, you can continue with the MailChimp Support Club membership for as long as you need it. Plus, timing is never quite perfect – it’s just what you make out of the opportunities that life presents in front of you.

How much time do I need to commit each week? +

How much time do I need to commit each week?

This is hard to say as it really depends on whether you are new to email marketing or are reasonably tech-savvy. It also depends on if you’ve already created your optin offers, messages, ecourses, products etc. I would expect you to dedicate at least a couple of hours each week to review the training, complete any worksheets and implement what you’ve learnt inside your own MailChimp account.

But of course you can take your time, go through it slower taking less time each week – but spread the learning over a longer period of time. This also depends on what content and materials you still need to prepare in order to fully launch your email marketing system.

Will I get personalised advice from you? +

Will I get personalised advice from you?

Yes you will! All questions need to be asked within the Facebook group or LIVE Q&A calls so that other students can benefit.

Is this program suitable for me if I sell physical products online or have a bricks-and-mortar business? +

Is this program suitable for me if I sell physical products online or have a bricks-and-mortar business?

Absolutely yes. I believe email marketing is an important and integral part of any marketing campaign for any business, regardless of what you sell, where you are based, how long ago you started etc etc. I will show you the exact strategies and campaigns you can implement in your particular business during the LIVE Q&A calls and in the Module 4.

When will the Q&A calls happen? What if I can't make it live? +

When will the Q&A calls happen? What if I can't make it live?

Monthly Q&A calls will take place on Wednesday or Thursday 9pm GMT. That’s 4pm EST, 1pm PST or 8am Friday in Melbourne, Australia. Recordings of each call will be added to the membership area for you to watch (or rewatch) later. If you can’t make it live you can submit your questions through the Facebook group in advance.

What happens after I sign up? +

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive receipts from Infusionsoft – please keep it safe. You will also get a confirmation email with a link to the Facebook group. You can join the group right away and get started networking and connecting with other students. Finally, you will also receive an email with your login details to access the membership area.

How does the no-risk guarantee work? Can I cancel if I don't like the program? +

How does the no-risk guarantee work? Can I cancel if I don't like the program?

If you work through the first module (Week 1) and are not totally happy with this program, then I will refund your money (minus a 10% admin fee to cover administration). I offer this guarantee because I have complete faith in this program and know that if you commit to doing the work, taking action and allowing the Group to support you, you will be able to launch a profitable email marketing system. Please note that change of mind refunds before the program starts will not be provided – you must demonstrate that you have participated in the program before requesting a refund. Refunds must be requested in writing to support@tamarabaranova.com within 7 days of the program starting to be eligible.

OK this sounds great, I'm sold. How do I sign up and pay? +

OK this sounds great, I'm sold. How do I sign up and pay?

I'm happy to hear this! You can pay by card via SagePay or PayPal. Just scroll down to the big bright order button to sign up now. See you on the other side!

Got a different question? Want to talk to me 1-2-1 before committing to the program? Contact me directly and I'll be happy to help: support@tamarabaranova.com.

Kasnya Berry

As someone 100% new to MailChimp, I've learned everything I need to know to use email marketing!

I learned SO much from this program!! Setting up my autoresponder, formatting my forms and newsletter and then sending them out.  Tamara's directions were very clear. At the outset, I was 100% new to Mailchimp. I started out knowing nothing about Mailchimp and totally intimidated and now I know how to set up my free offers, format forms with styles and colors and set up lists and newsletters.  The membership area was easy to navigate. I learned everything I need to know about using Mailchimp! My favourite part was the resource for setting up my free offer - very comprehensive. This course was amazing!

Kasnya Berry, Destination Healthy!
Iduma Ortega

Although I find technology challenging, this program made MailChimp easy to understand!

The program is very clear and easy to use. I like that you always start with a short intro video and have a list of downloads that facilitate the learning of the modules and I find very useful to have a program progress checklist and an assignment for each module.

I am very new to MailChimp so everything was new to me. Though I find technology very challenging I think you did a great job explaining things that I find boring and difficult like creating campaigns.

I loved the training on creation of templates for newsletters, autoresponders and landing pages. I enjoy this more because I consider myself more a creator than a technical person. You provided a lot of content and value in the Program! Thank you!

Iduma Ortega, Iduma Health & Fitness Coach

Join the program here:

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Secure online ordering is powered by Stripe or PayPal.

Money-back guarantee: take the course without any risk for 7 days. If you are not happy with the course's content, delivery or anything else, just let us know by the end of the first Module (week 1) and I'll refund your money in full.


When you join MailChimp Success Formula, you will also get access to the Virtual Marketing Academy Insider for 3 month (worth £147).


  • Lifetime access to the MailChimp Success Formula online program, including any future updates, bonuses and resources
  • Direct lifetime access to Tamara during Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls and in Private Facebook Group to get 121 help with your email marketing strategy
  • 3 months access to Virtual Marketing Academy and its Premium Resources
  • 3 months access to VMA Insider Membership - Facebook Group, Live Q&A Calls and direct access to Tamara
£397 ($577) Single Payment or 3 Monthly Payments of £137 ($197)
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To confirm, here's what you are going to get:

  • 4 Modules of MailChimp Success Formula program with videos, downloads and resources
  • Private Facebook group membership for support, help and networking
  • Monthly Q&A video calls with Tamara + recordings
  • Life-time access to the course including any future additions and updates
  • Mobile-friendly membership area to access the program's content and videos
  • 3 months access to Virtual Marketing Academy Insider worth £87

One Immediate Payment
£197 ($307)

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